Tuesday, February 17, 2015



When I think of wearing a nude color on my lips it always
seems to trigger making my eye shadows really bold and smoky.

When I hear the word Nude Attitude, many visions come to mind.

1. Exposed, as in wearing no armor, totally free!

2. Feeling raw, vulnerable and expressive.

3. No blocks to get in my way.

I know it seems like we all have some sort of so called blocks that
pretend to control our minds. It might be a problem with business or
relationships or even health.

Imagine if all those imaginary blocks were just gifts?

How can a block be a gift? Think about it. 

Didn't you ever have something finally go away from your life
and when you looked back you saw how much you grew?
Even if it seemed to hurt at the time?

I know for myself I was fired from a very prestigious cosmetics company
for political reasons many years ago. The person who fired me fired my boss
then me, all so she could bring in her girlfriend.

It had nothing to do with me. Yet at the time I was so upset. 
I felt betrayed and confused, knowing I was creating powerful
results in my position.

Within one week I sat down and decided I would never let anyone
call the shots for my life direction, my compensated worth and
self worth. 

I wrote my business and life style vision. I declared to help other woman
have that freedom. To teach others the tools I was given as
a result of something that felt so cold at the time, yet freeing!

That was the moment I had the raw, nude truth to set me free.

Free to be, do and have all that i declared I was committed to.
And share those tools with others.

The journey never stops. Its why we do what we do.

I want you to imagine today, that for the next hour or so that you
take some time to stop what your doing and reflect on paper or
in a voice recorder (thats the best way) this question:

How you have helped
others solve any problems in their life?

Share what was it about being of service to someone
else that made you feel so good. 

I guarantee you are going to feel very proud and fulfilled that
you took the time to make a difference to another human being.

Create a Nude Attitude. No conditions. Soft hues of service that shine
so bright it is colorless...like a beautiful lip color.

Oh yes, try doing that sexy eye look with the nude lips too.

Until we meet again....Create a brilliant day!!

Lisa, xox

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello Georgeous,

Today I wanted to review with you my favorite products to use for
HD quality results. Thats High Definition.

Its so important to have a smooth canvas by using our great 
Retexurizing Face Primer, Photo Mineral Foundation, Photo
Concealer, along with our HD Powders!

Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to have the best results 
when it comes to being on camera.

And when i say on camera, I mean any camera you can think of
including of course your iPhone or any Smart Phone.

Your goal is to have smooth looking skin, flawless color correction and
as many concealed flaws as reduced as possible..

Enjoy by clicking the link here:
HD Makeup Lesson

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


As the year comes to a close it feels really great to share how grateful I am.

This year has been one with wins and losses.

If you ever had a close family member or friend that passed on you know what Im talking about.

It sucks.

On the other side of pain is the balance of pleasure.

Pleasure in knowing life has its ups and downs and its always about how I can handle it.

The meaning we give everything is our reality.

So today my vision is that we all end out the year with reflection of what was amazing and what we could have left out if it was possible, and know we did the best we could.

Yes, I can hear some people saying did you really do your best? 

But who cares what others say.

All i can say is that I passionately love my family, my friends, my clients, my entrepreneurial crazies, the products and services I share, the home I love, the man of my dreams, my dancing partners and the health Im blessed with!

This is the year of being a Badass Beautiful Woman!

Take a few minutes and write down what you are grateful for and why.... and please share it with us all..... We all need to learn, grow and praise each other on.

Heres' to you 2015.....Its going to be EPIC!!!

xoxox...Lisa Monette

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I don't know about you but when i feel
like i need a sprit lift, I go to wearing
some type of cool pink lip color.

I like the style that has a little brown in the
pink and some rose undertone. The best
reason is my skin looks brighter, my eyes
more clear and its fun!

Sometimes when I keep wearing 
the same style of colors over and over
again i get bored. 

So I brought into our OLA Makeup collection
this gorgeous color called GRACE.

The definition of GRACE is:

simple elegance or 
refinement of movement.

To keep it simple, use Grace elegantly....enjoy!

Lisa Monette  xo

If you like a Pink / Rose lipstick, check this out!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Check out how sweet a testimonial Margaret shares about working with Lisa Monette at Badass Beauty TV…So cool to feel that you learned something to cause that self esteem meter to rise!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I love this quick, easy set i designed to give 
you lush luxury lashes along with 
luscious lip color with luxury gloss!!!
All from our OLA Makeup collections
at Badass Beauty TV...www.facebook.com/olamakeup

Monday, June 2, 2014


Makeup or No Makeup?

Why is it so hard for most of us, me included at times, to go out without some form of makeup?

Is it because we were told when we hit some pivotal time in our history that we had flaws?
Did we see a magazine when were were teens and decided we were not enough?

Or did someone we trusted just come out suddendly in our innocence and said " you look so bland, you need some makeup" and that comment stuck?

I remember growing up with my wonderful mom who owned a beauty salon in Los Angeles and was a hairdresser ( thats the name they used back in the 60's ) that she surrounded us with beauty products, hair products, pictures, magazines. Everything you can imagine around looking pretty.

I can also remember exactly the day i saw what I thought was the perfect beautiful face from a sales lady in a dress shop. She had the perfect eyeliner on in black. Her face was so smooth and pretty.  I must have been around 12. 

It was so powerful that I can still remember that day. Seriously? Something so simple that I still remember her eyes? Was that the day I decided that makeup meant something?

Maybe so. 

There is nothing as easy as being inspired. I think that was the day I knew that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that a little makeup doesn't hurt a thing.

In fact, I believe now after 25 years in the beauty and transformation world that beauty and what you say to yourself can cause or setback your results. Iv seen and worked with 1000's of faces and the one thing I cant get over is how many woman keep saying negative BS  self talk when they look in the mirror.

With or without makeup.

So heres what i believe. You must love who you are without makeup. Period.

And….You must love who you are with makeup

Sounds simple?

Try This 5 Step Test:

1. Go a whole day without any makeup, lip color, foundation, anything with color correction.

2. Everytime you look at yourself in the mirror, a refection in a window or take a selfie you tell yourself   I Am Badass Beautiful'!

3. Do this every hour!  I know it sounds insane but trust me, this is a feel good exercise…and if it doesnt feel good by the fifth hour, you will. You are going to be a pro at owning your words.

4. Get a buddy to check in with or write to me here or your journal and share your experience. If you can post a video that would so super cool!

5. Next day wear your most  beautiful makeup look you can think of and enjoy how amazing it feels to have a choice!!! 

Makeup or no makeup, its all a conversation you makeup in your head. ...Its what you decided is true based on what others say is true, what you say is true and what feels right.

Surround yourself with positive people. Yes i know, everyone says that..BUT IT WORKS!!!

Study what works for you, then learn new tricks and tips to feed that mind of yours that seems to always find a flaw…..then go fix it…if you cant fix it then learn to look in the mirror just as you did in this exercise and tell yourself 

I Am One Badass Beautiful Soul!!!

If you have any questions about your beauty or brand image, please hit me up here.
My mission is to help you live your life playing full out!!

Live with passion now!

Lisa Monette
Founder of OLA Makeup & Badass Beauty TV